MGIC Go! streamlined MI

MGIC's Go! program is the fastest, simplest way to get MI with DU® or LP.®

MGIC Go! delivers streamlined MI on primary residence and second home loans that receive and are processed according to a DU Approve/Eligible or LP Accept/Eligible response.

When it comes to DTI limits or borrower's own funds, MGIC allows you to simply follow the findings/feedback you received from DU or LP.

Follow Findings/Feedback; Apply Only 3 Overlays

Follow DU® Approve/Eligible Findings or LP® Accept/Eligible Feedback and apply only the following overlays:

  • Maximum LTV/CLTV: 97%/105%
  • Minimum credit score: 620
  • Maximum cash out: $150,000

Gifts are a Go!

MGIC's Go! program allows you to follow your Findings when it comes to source of funds and the amount of borrower's own funds required!

Other Underwriting Requirements

  • Loans must follow Applying for MGIC MI requirements, see MGIC Underwriting Guide, section 2 (UWG 2)
  • Information you submit to MGIC must be consistent with the final AUS response
  • Lender-negotiated waivers or variances require MGIC approval, with the exception of these pre-approved programs: cooperative share loans, properties in Guam, Fannie Mae HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgages, affordable housing secondary financing


  • Investment properties; 3- to 4-unit properties; condos and co-ops on MGIC’s Ineligible Projects List
  • DU Refi Plus™ and LP Relief Refinance MortgageSM— Open Access loans
  • Borrowers who already have the maximum number of MGIC-insured loans (UWG 4.03) or who have had a loan where MGIC paid a claim (UWG 4.06e)

DU® and HomeStyle® are registered trademarks of Fannie Mae; DU Refi PlusTM is an unregistered trademark of Fannie Mae. LP® is a registered trademark of Freddie Mac; LP Relief Refinance MortgageSM — Open Access is an unregistered service mark of Freddie Mac.