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how to reach first-time homebuyers

Use these tools to tap into the growing market of first-time homebuyers.

Our first-time homebuyer resources help you build better borrowers by preparing them for the homebuying process, while you build relationships with them.


Whether they’re first-timers or have been around the block a few times, the better educated your borrowers are about homeownership, the more likely they are to be successful. This is the place to start. Readynest.com breaks down the homebuying process into bite-size topics, and backs up the facts with true stories that bring it all to life.

At Readynest, borrowers can study for our Homebuyer Education Test, find calculators and other tools, and read approachable, first-person accounts of the homebuying process. 

And for you, it’s a regular stream of valuable, relevant, ready-to-share social content. Follow Readynest on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on content to retweet or share.

Wing your way over to Readynest.com


Buy Now vs. Wait calculator

Show your first-time homebuyers that while waiting to save for a 20% down payment can save money in some areas, it could cost money in others. Our Buy vs. Wait calculator, located on Readynest can help determine whether buying a home right now might be the better choice.

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Check out our Buy vs. Wait calculator

Homebuyers Education Test

Help your borrowers fulfill homebuyer education requirements and become better borrowers with no-fee homebuyer education and testing at readynest.com/test.

Program highlights include:

  • No fee for you or your customers
  • Convenient, easy-to-understand, tutorials that break down the homebuying process, including understanding credit, budgeting, getting a mortgage and being a successful homeowner
  • A 60-minute time frame to study for and complete the test
  • English and Spanish versions

Generate leads with your unique Homebuyer Education Code – borrowers can use it to register for the Homebuyers Education Test.

Please note, while our program meets Freddie Mac Home Possible® homebuyer education requirements, it doesn’t meet Fannie Mae HomeReady® requirements.

Check out the Homebuyers Education Test at Readynest

Learn how to get your unique Homebuyer Education Code

Down Payment Resource®

MGIC mortgage insurance is the original down payment assistance program. We know borrowers sometimes need a little extra help, but they don’t know where to find it. In fact, less than a third of consumers are familiar with low-down-payment programs.

And for lenders, keeping track of all the down payment assistance (DPA) programs out there and how to make the most of them can seem like a Herculean task.

That’s why we’re partnering with Down Payment Resource (DPR), the only national database of eligibility criteria and benefits information for down payment assistance resources, grants, bond programs, Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs), employer assistance and other homeownership programs – updated monthly with the most current information.

Learn more about DPR

HomeReady® is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae. Home Possible® is a registered service mark of Freddie Mac. Down Payment Resource® is a registered trademark of Workforce Resource LLC.

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