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Transform your portfolio with business intelligence

Grow your business with mortgage portfolio analytics and marketing solutions from Lender Landscape.

Data and Analytics Tools

Our Lender Landscape® suite of innovative analytical tools identifies key factors to help inform strategy, influence performance and mitigate risk.

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Leads and Marketing

Our suite of lead generation and marketing execution services provides strategies for increasing mortgage originations and opportunities for retaining existing customers.

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Community and Networking

Customers attend conferences with their peers for presentations and facilitated discussions on best practices for optimizing strategy, maximizing profitability and improving operational performance. Monthly roundtable calls are hosted to facilitate peer conversations on specific topics.

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Meet the Lender Landscape Team

Our highly-experienced team of professionals provide consultative services to help identify opportunities and facilitate their execution.

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about lender landscape

As a leading private mortgage insurance company, we're recognized throughout the mortgage industry as a reliable and robust source for benchmarking mortgage loan origination and servicing performance metrics.

Our Lender Landscape® team is in a unique position to offer comprehensive insight into your institution’s performance so you can optimize your business strategies and increase profitability. We provide mortgage lending business intelligence on a broad range of segments.

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Lender Landscape® is an MGIC registered trademark.

Needs Product Solutions Benefits
Purchase Referral Relationships Listing Landscape
  • Uncover top listing agents and brokerages by market
  • Identify top agents working in Affordable Lending
Homes for Sale
  • Find top agents working with YOUR customers
Customer Retention Homes for Sale
  • Proactively market to customers whose homes are listed
Retention Marketing
  • Target customers most likely to prepay using an advanced prepayment model
Lender Landscape
  • Discover opportunity segments where prepay speeds are high and recapture rates are low for proactive outreach
Market Intelligence Lender Landscape
  • Benchmark production and servicing performance against peers
Lost Loan Analysis
  • Understand why customers left, where they went and which competitive products attracted them
Listing Landscape
  • Learn about home listing trends by market
  • Analyze market share trends to uncover opportunity

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