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resolution solutions

What’s your resolution this year? Don’t let your goals exhaust you: Start here to get recharged so you can earn more business in 2021.


If you’re like the rest of us, this is the time of year when you make resolutions and then give up on them a week later. We can help you break the cycle and gear up for 2021. Check out our tools and strategies to keep your originations going strong, grow your referral partners, and help you work smarter (not harder).

For a full tour of these strategies and tools, or to discuss other ways we can help you meet your goals this year, contact your MGIC account representative.

Keep your originations going strong: Boost your volume with our tools and tactics for loan officers

  • Generate leads and get your borrowers over the down payment hurdle with down payment assistance tools
  • Turn more renters into buyers with our resources for first-time homebuyers
  • Expand your business into new markets and increase your cultural competency using our Hispanic marketing tools and insights

How to keep your originations going strong

Grow your referral partners with help from MGIC’s resources and programs

  • Get strategies exclusively for loan officers that will help you grow and strengthen your relationships with referral partners of all kinds
  • Build stronger relationships (and get more face time) with your referral partners by presenting our customized workshop designed for new and seasoned real estate professionals

Strengthen your referral relationships

Work smarter (not harder) with our pro tips and strategies for loan officers

  • Use social media to connect with your network more efficiently (we’ll show you how!)
  • Get strategies for re-energizing yourself and your business
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles on the way to the closing table and get faster approvals for your mortgage loans

Strategies to work smarter (not harder)

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