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how to work smarter

Work smarter to better COMPETE, CONNECT and COMMUNICATE


Whether youve got 5 minutes or 60, these must-see strategies focus on helping you grow your mortgage business faster, easier and with less effort.

Ready, set… COMPETE

Save time and get faster approvals

The last thing you need is a delay of game because the loan application is missing documentation. Join us for "Up Your Game to Score Approvals Sooner!" We'll show you how you can get faster approvals for your mortgage loans and tackle obstacles that slow down your game.

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Set your dial to CONNECT

3 secrets to social media success

Do you feel like social media is a black hole and have no idea how to make it a success? Time is precious and our guest speaker Jessica Peterson has discovered the secrets to spending every minute more wisely while effectively building and nurturing your social media connections. Join Jessica in a 60-minute session aimed at increasing your productivity and balance.

A 20-year banking veteran, Jessica is a bestselling author, certified Business and Life Coach, TEDx speaker, and has published 7 books.

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COMMUNICATE to illuminate

Improve your virtual communication skills

Discover the 6 components of true charisma and learn how to create a great first impression using proven TV techniques. Join MGIC and Emmy award-winning TV journalist Katrina Cravy for “Your Charisma Counts! Improve Your Presence and Communication Skills Virtually and Beyond.”

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