Your Charisma Counts! Improve Your Presence and Communication Skills Virtually and Beyond

60 minutes

Categories: Presentation Skills | Skill-based

Who Should Attend:
Mortgage Professionals

Your financial success is driven by your ability to engage and influence the people around you. Why? Because people do business with people they like! But not everyone is naturally charismatic or confident when interacting with referral partners or borrowers.

Learn how to enhance your charisma with tips from presenter Katrina Cravy, a former award-winning TV journalist and the co-founder of CharismaQ, a sales coaching and communication platform that helps to evaluate, coach and create charismatic people.

During this 60-minute special event webinar, Katrina will help you to:

  • Discover the 6 components of true charisma and understand why charisma counts
  • Create a great first impression by improving your "look and sound" with proven TV techniques
  • Find the bigger YOU to connect and inspire your colleagues and customers

Upcoming Sessions:

Katrina Cravy

Katrina Cravy

Katrina Cravy is the co-founder of CharismaQ - a sales coaching and communication platform to evaluate, coach, and create charismatic people. She knows your financial success is driven by your ability to engage and influence the people around you. Katrina has been obsessed with the art and science of charisma ever since her grandfather taught her how to shake hands - the right way. She went on to meet and interview thousands of people across the country as an Emmy award-winning TV journalist. She started her own communications advising company in 2016 and works with top level CEOs to improve their executive presence, presentations, and media interviews. This California native and University of Southern California alum loves speaking to audiences from around the country, almost as much as she loves her husband, their son, and their two cats.

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