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Self-employed borrower cash flow analysis

The paper versions of the SAM and AGI worksheets are available now; the editable, auto-calculating versions are coming soon.

Analyze cash flow of self-employed borrowers and other sources of income using our Cash Flow Worksheets.

Highlights of the forms for Tax Year 2014

  • The forms include Fannie Mae's new cash flow analysis requirements, effective April 1 this year, in addition to Freddie Mac's requirements
  • An updated Cash Flow Summary section provides a snapshot of the income/loss from the various sources for easy entry of income details
  • The new Rental Income Worksheet guides you toward an accurate financial summary of rental income/loss using the PITIA method

Access the worksheets

Click here to access our Cash Flow Worksheets.

To complete the analysis

Get out a pencil and a calculator and print the appropriate form. Whether you use the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) method or the Schedule Analysis Method (SAM), these worksheets will walk you through complex tax returns step-by-step.



Sign up for our Self-Employed Borrower cash flow analysis webinars designed for processors, underwriters and loan officers. We offer basic and advanced levels for AGI and SAM analysis.