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Self-employed borrower cash flow analysis

Access worksheets

Analyze cash flow of self-employed borrowers and other sources of income using one of our editable, auto-calculating Cash Flow Worksheets.

Loan Center users can also access the worksheets under the Loan Center's Resources tab.

The forms are available for the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) method or the Schedule Analysis Method (SAM).

To complete analysis

Enter information directly into the form. Line-by-line instructions will guide you through. Built-in calculators will perform math functions.

If you need help along the way, each line item contains a link to more detail in the Self-Employed Borrower Resource Guide.

Save the form to your computer. You can come back to it to complete or edit it at your convenience.



Sign up for our Self-Employed Borrower cash flow analysis webinars designed for processors, underwriters and loan officers. We offer basic and advanced levels for AGI and SAM analysis.