All things “gift” - Episode 6

Hali Plachecki, MGIC National Trainer

All things “gift”

In the mortgage world, when we hear the word “gift,” we think: A gift involves money. In this episode, Hali provides insight into some of the specific requirements around gift documentation, including who is eligible to give a gift.  

Episode breakdown:

  • What is a gift? Are there different types of gifts? How can someone obtain a gift? (0:49)
  • What's a gift of equity and how is it documented? (2:50)
  • Who is an eligible donor? (3:47)
  • What's the easiest way to document the transfer of gift funds? (4:46)
hali plachecki

Hali Plachecki

Hali Plachecki has been in the mortgage industry since 1987 and has worked in almost every mortgage-related function from pricing and origination to loan delivery and has held a variety of mortgage lending positions including retail, correspondent and wholesale environments. Hali has trained in the areas of mortgage lending including: GFE/RESPA, origination, operations, mortgage loan products, processing and underwriting.

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