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Success Begins With a Plan

Build stronger relationships with your preferred referral partners with a workshop designed for new and seasoned real estate agents.


Success Begins with a Plan:
A workshop for real estate agents

Need more face time with your real estate agent partners? Present this workshop and spend at least an hour together to learn more about them and their business.

It doesn't matter whether the real estate market is hot or not – all of us in this industry must continually build our brands and get them out there. This workshop offers ideas on marketing, on how to create the perfect answer when someone asks "just what do you do?" and provides steps to reveal your niche market and how to reach it.

This program includes:

  • Success Begins with a Plan PowerPoint presentation
  • Facilitator notes
  • Worksheets (downloadable PDF)
  • Promotional flyers that you can customize (Microsoft Word)
  • Referral sheets that you can customize for your real estate agents (Microsoft Word)


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