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Let’s get more members into homes.

Tailored solutions for credit unions’ unique needs

Want to help more members afford homeownership while reducing your financial risk? We can help with that – and more.  

Besides mortgage insurance, we have everything credit unions need to grow business. Our extensive credit union offerings include competitive rates, specialized training, dedicated underwriting teams, portfolio lending solutions and purchase money strategies. 

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Our people are passionate about credit unions. Find your dedicated CU representative and start building a successful relationship.

Credit Union First-time Homebuyer Strategy

How a full suite of high-LTV products, including unleashing the power of your portfolio, can help credit unions stand out and provide members more options.

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CUNA Mutual Group & MGIC

We have partnered with CUNA Mutual Group to offer private mortgage insurance to credit unions. Learn more about this exciting partnership and what it means for your members.

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MGIC Credit Union Rates

  • To get a rate for risk-based pricing or rate card pricing, go to our MiQ rate quote platform
  • Still using CU rate cards? Find them here
  • Looking for the MGIC Rate Finder? It’s been replaced with MiQ

Credit Union Bulletins

Find our posted bulletins and news releases for our CU customers here.

CU Bulletins

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