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Loan servicing tools

Our loan servicing tools include a comprehensive, secure web platform — MGIC/Link Servicing — as well as automated and electronic data connections that make servicing your MGIC-insured loans even easier.

MGIC/Link Servicing

Servicing tools that improve your efficiencies and make your job even easier begin with our secure web platform, MGIC/Link Servicing. Complete the following tasks via MGIC/Link Servicing for both performing loans and loans in default and claims.

Mortgage insurance servicing tasks

  • Activate mortgage insurance coverage
  • Transfer servicing
  • Change loan numbers
  • Report modifications on performing loans (learn more)
  • Cancel mortgage insurance
  • Access billing and premium details (learn more)
  • Access Gold Cert reports

Default servicing tasks

  • Report defaults
  • Update default status
  • Report modifications on delinquent loans (learn more)
  • Request approval for modifications outside of our delegated guidelines
  • Request approval for deeds in lieu, short sales and other workout types

Claims servicing tasks

  • File claims
  • View claim status and payment details
  • View pending claims
  • Respond to outstanding document requests

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Service loans using EDI for the following tasks:

  • Mortgage insurance servicing
    • Activate mortgage insurance
    • Transfer servicing
    • Cancel mortgage insurance
    • Premium billing
  • Default reporting
  • Claim servicing
    • File a claim
    • Receive Explanation of Benefits statements

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH)

Service loans with EFT or ACH to:

  • Expedite claim payments
  • Receive funds via electronic deposit to your account upon completion of the claim
  • Receive EFT reconciliation report, provided via MGIC/Link Servicing, that lists all loans receiving payment one business day prior to deposit

Direct Deposit Premium Refunds (ACH)

Our Direct Deposit Premium Refund option electronically transfers funds into your designated account within as few as 2 business days of processing your refund request.

Go to mgic.com/speedyrefund to authorize direct deposit.

Once we receive your authorization, we’ll:

  • Work with you to set up direct deposit for your designated branches or offices
  • Test to ensure the successful transfer of future funds
  • Email a daily direct deposit reconciliation report to your designated email address the day before funds are deposited to your account
For more information, contact suspense_premium_inquiry@mgic.com.

Automated Default Reporting (ADR)

Service loans with ADR, which is supported by most service bureaus and software vendors, to:

  • Report defaults
  • Update default status

Automated Renewal Billing (ARB)

Service loans with ARB, which is supported by most software vendors, and take advantage of:

  • No minimum portfolio size
  • TXT (Excel) bill formatting

Secure File Transfer (SFT)

Service loans by securely exchanging files and documents with us. All data transmissions are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted. You can send and receive any file type (e.g., PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.).

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