Build relationships. Show how homeownership can be attainable. Demystify the math of buying a home.

Do it all with consumer calculators from MGIC

Our calculators help turn renters into homebuyers by illustrating their options. And when they’re ready to take the next step, they’ll turn to the loan officer who helped them get started.

4 ways to use MGIC calculators to turn renters into homebuyers:

  1. Share calculators on social media via Readynest, our consumer site – just use the share icons on any page. Check out the individual calculators on Readynest in English or Spanish using the links below
  2. Link to our calculators from your website
  3. Use our calculators with borrowers in person to help them understand their options
  4. Personalize and share this flyer in the office, at open houses or as part of a homebuying seminar — just download and add your own contact information

Download English flyer

Download Spanish flyer

Meeting consumers where they are

Consumers at the beginning of their buying journey can get a quick snapshot of their options with only a few inputs. More sophisticated consumers can explore more complex scenarios.

Our consumer calculators:

  • Include mortgage insurance in calculations for more realistic results
  • Are easy to use, with fewer inputs
  • Are mobile-friendly
  • Are available in English or Spanish

Buy now vs wait calculator

Shows consumers why it could make financial sense for them to invest in a home now rather than wait to save up a 20% down payment.

Check out the buy now vs wait calculator

english  spanish

Down payment calculator

Explores down payment options. 2 calculators in one! The mini version shows the down payment levels a consumer can afford based on the price of a home and their savings level.

The maxi version, with more input options, compares how 2 user-defined down payment levels stack up.

Check out the down payment calculator

english  spanish

Rent or buy calculator

Compares the cost of renting vs. owning a home.

Check out the rent or buy calculator

english  spanish

Monthly payment calculator

Estimates a mortgage payment based on the price of the home and a down payment.

Check out the monthly payment calculator

english  spanish

Home affordability calculator

Estimates how much home a consumer can afford based on their monthly housing budget.

Check out the home affordability calculator

english  spanish

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