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We interview mortgage industry insiders to get the scoop on what’s happening in the market, including:

  • The latest trends and forecasts
  • How to amplify your social media presence to earn more business
  • The most effective ways to connect with borrowers

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 Date  Episode
 11/17/2022 Connecting mortgage pros and homebuyers with down payment assistance programs - Ep. 24 with Sean Moss, EVP of Product and Operations at Down Payment Resource (31:00)

We cover the topic of down payment assistance (DPA) with Down Payment Resource...

United Way’s efforts to improve housing and financial security, including ending family homelessness - Ep. 22 with Krystina Kohler, Financial Stability Portfolio Manager at United Way (20:18)

We interview Krystina Kohler from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County...                 

 10/27/2021 eClose and the future of the digital mortgage industry - Ep. 14 with Ian Kimball and Dee Hoyle of Service First Mortgage (28:21)

We discuss all things “eClose” with Service First Mortgage’s Ian Kimball, Executive Director of Strategy, and Dee Hoyle, Executive Director of Operations...

"The market will normalize": Being proactive in a seller's market - Ep. 10 with John Donnelly, Service First Mortgage Executive Director of Sales (27:19)

When volume slows, you'll need an effective sales and marketing strategy to grow your business. John Donnelly of Service First Mortgage talks about...                   


Is your social presence up to regulatory snuff? - Ep. 9 with Melissa Thomas, Head of Compliance at ActiveComply (25:49)

There’s quite the buzz around “social media” and the importance of using it on a regular basis to grow...


Growing your business through the lens of Instagram (IG) - Ep. 4 with Chelsea Peitz, National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial (29:55)

Chelsea Peitz dives into the essentials you should consider when building your personal brand on Instagram, starting with...                  


Spending your time wisely to maximize your social outreach - Ep. 1 with Kyle Draper, Founder of & Content Compounding (29:57)

In our society, social media dominates how we reach our customers. Get insights from Kyle Draper, social media guru, about...

"The market will normalize": Being proactive in a seller's market with John Donnelly, Service First Mortgage Executive Director of Sales

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