Meet today’s first-time homebuyers | infographic

Traits, trends and preferences mortgage pros need to know to build trust and foster relationships.

First-time homebuyers bring a unique set of traits and characteristics to the mortgage table. With limited knowledge and experience in the real estate market, first-time homebuyers have specific financial concerns and different priorities and preferences than repeat buyers. Consider these insights:

  • 30% say understanding the process is the most difficult part of buying a home
  • 35% say their student loan debt hinders their ability to save for a home
  • 47% say the top reason for purchasing is the desire to own a home of their own

Arm yourself with the insights from this infographic so you can ease their concerns, meet their needs and earn their trust.

Find the right tools and resources for your first-time borrowers in our first-time homebuyer resources library.

SOURCE: 2023 NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends


Meet Today's First-Time Homebuyers (22-50093)
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