Your members are moving to new homes.

Are they also moving away from your credit union?

By completing the form below, you can find out which of your members have just put their homes on the market — even if you don't hold the mortgage — with our Homes for Sale program.

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Get market intelligence before it's too late

Daily tracking of members selling their homes means you can take action while there's still time to retain existing members or attract new members. Our Homes for Sales tool serves as a purchase money lead generation program, allowing you to:

  • Target existing members
  • Attract new mortgage borrowers
  • Learn which members are likely to pay off
  • Market to the right real estate agents
  • Know which agents work with members
  • Discover agents specializing in CRA and affordable lending programs

Grow your business with timely, detailed data

Request a one-on-one demo of the Homes for Sale program to see how it's specifically designed to help credit unions attract and retain members who are on the move.
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