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Credit union mortgage insurance rate cards

Whether your credit union has opted for rate card pricing or risk-based pricing, both rate plans are available on our MiQ rate quote platform.

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Contact your MGIC representative if you have questions about your credit union's MGIC pricing model.


Borrower-paid mortgage insurance rate cards

BPMI Monthly Premiums

All states

Program highlights

BPMI Single Premiums

All states, except AK & WA



Program highlights

BPMI Split Premiums

National, all upfront options ‐ all states except NY & WA

New York


Split premiums are not available in Guam and Puerto Rico

Program highlights

Lender-paid mortgage insurance rate cards

LPMI Monthly Premiums

All States

Program highlights

MGIC's lender-paid monthly premium program provides a cost-effective, efficient alternative to our standard borrower-paid MI premium rates.

Coverage Lender-Paid Monthly Premiums provide coverage while MI premiums are being paid.
Premium Due at Closing
  • We require no premium at closing
  • We bill the lender the first full month after closing; payment is due the following month and continues until the lender cancels insurance
  • The lender or anyone other than the borrowers must pay the premium; the lender must not charge the borrowers separately for premium
Refundable? LPMI Monthlies are non-refundable.

LPMI Single Premiums

All states except AK, NY, & WA


New York


Program highlights

MGIC's lender-paid single premium program provides a cost-effective, efficient alternative to our standard borrower-paid MI premium rates.

The cost of the single premium may be recouped by building it into the loan interest rate or the origination fee. This provides your members with additional tax deductibility because of the increased interest rate or origination fee. Origination fees may also be paid by a third party, such as a builder or a seller.

Coverage We provide coverage for the life of the loan.
Premium Due at Closing
  • The lender or anyone other than the borrower pay a one-time, single payment at closing
  • The lender cannot charge the premium separately to the borrower
Refundable? LPMI Singles are non-refundable.

Charter-level and GSE programs rate cards

Housing Finance Agency rate cards

HFA Charter-Level coverage rates

HFA coverage rates (North Dakota only)

HomeReady® rate card

HomeReady rates

Home Possible™ rate card

Home Possible rates

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