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Homebuyer Education
GSE-approved education, testing and certification

MGIC’s Homebuyer Education program helps build better borrowers by providing convenient, easy-to-understand tutorials that break down the home-buying process. Once through the tutorials, potential borrowers can take the Homebuyer Education test — using your unique Homebuyer Education code to register — and earn a Certificate of Achievement that fulfills Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac education requirements.

Program highlights


Testing and certification

Potential borrowers register to take the Homebuyer Education test using your Homebuyer Education code.

  • The test is open book and isn’t timed
  • After they pass the test, borrowers’ contact information and Certificate of Achievement are forwarded to you

IMPORTANT: Stress to your borrowers the importance of accurately entering your Homebuyer Education code so that their certification is delivered to you.


Homebuyer Education code registration

Complete the form below. The e-mail address you enter will become your Homebuyer Education code.

Please note:

  • You only need to register once
  • The e-mail address you register must be unique to you
  • You will receive an e-mail from homebuyers@mgic.com confirming your code has been activated. For activation questions, contact customer_service@mgic.com or 1.800.424.6442
Originator Registration Form

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The e-mail address you enter below must be unique to you; for example, do not enter an e-mail address that others you work with might also use. This e-mail address will become your Homebuyer Education code and can only be registered to one individual.