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A great partner is trustworthy, loyal and dependable. And understands your jokes.


7 things great business partners NEVER do

1. Make your relationship all about the money

That's not a partnership, that's a vending machine.

2. Disregard the value of long-term relationships

If you're working with someone new every month, the odds are you spend more time on introductions than innovations.

3. Focus on quotas rather than you

One more sale and they get a trip to Hawaii!

4. Talk instead of listen

They tell you what you need. And they just happen to have it for sale.

5. Blame everyone else if things go wrong

Their team, the dog, the weather. Even you.

6. Change the terms at the last minute

Always in their favor.

7. Move on once the sale is closed

Self-interest rules over service to you.


Get a partner you can count on

Building long-term relationships with our customers has always been important to us. We know that trust is earned over time, through a succession of good experiences.

That's probably why we’ve been successful in this business for more than 60 years. In fact, many of our account managers and underwriters have been working with the same customers for more than 30 years!

Your vision is our vision. Our account managers put themselves in your shoes, to figure out what you need and ask for clarification if something is not clear.

And we know that what you need goes beyond mortgage insurance. Listening to you was the key to developing special programs that help you:

Reach out to real estate agents

Get connected to others in the industry

Creatively market yourself to first-time homebuyers

Call with questions, ideas or jokes. We're ready to listen (and laugh!).

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