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2023 Loan Originator Survey Report: Mortgage industry trends revealed – Episode 33

Liz Keuler, Loan Officer Hub Editor

2023 Loan Originator Survey Report: Mortgage industry trends revealed

Uncover vital mortgage industry insights with Loan Officer Hub Editor Liz Keuler as we dissect the findings from MGIC's 2023 Loan Originator Survey Report. Learn how loan officers are capitalizing on opportunities and tackling challenges in today's mortgage market. From factors that influence loan origination to current market activities and unexpected trends, we reveal insider strategies that can help you build your referral relationships and reach the next generation of homebuyers.

See the Loan Originator Survey Report results for yourself at!

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Liz Keuler, MGIC Senior Marketing Strategist and Editor, Readynest & Loan Officer Hub

Liz joined MGIC in 2017 and currently serves as a senior marketing strategist. As the editor for both Readynest – MGIC's online resource for homebuyers – and Loan Officer Hub, she is responsible for curating new content and resources relevant to loan officers and consumers. Liz holds a BA in creative writing from Beloit College and has received her Accredited Mortgage Professional certification through the MBA.

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