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Is your Credit Score making the grade? | Infographic

Help your borrowers master the credit score fundamentals

An individual’s credit score can impact many areas of life, particularly when it comes to homeownership. However, many borrowers fail to understand how it’s calculated and how it can improve. Consider these facts:

  • 38% of adults aged 18-24 say they never check their credit score.1
  • Only 33% viewed their credit score in the past year.2
  • Yet, 1 in 5 people have mistakes on their credit report.3

The good news is, when there are mistakes, 79% of folks are successful in having disputed errors removed from their credit report.4

An educational tool for your borrowers and real estate partners: Use the insights in this infographic to help your borrowers understand the meaning behind the numbers, how their credit scores measure up and what they can do to make the grade. Take advantage of our ready-made credit score basics social shareable to easily share this infographic with your social media followers.

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Thinking about buying a home? Make sure your credit score makes the grade with this infographic. It spells out what factors impact your score, how to improve it, and why it matters. Click to download