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Is your social presence up to regulatory snuff? - Episode 9

Melissa Thomas, Head of Compliance at ActiveComply

Is your social presence up to regulatory snuff?

There’s quite the buzz around “social media” and the importance of using it on a regular basis to grow your digital platform, but are you using it correctly from a regulatory standpoint? Melissa Thomas from ActiveComply discusses the do’s and don’ts to keeping your social media profiles and posts compliant.

Episode breakdown:

  • Can you tell us a bit about your company, ActiveComply? (0:40)
  • From a compliance perspective, what’s essential to feature on your social profile? (2:31)
  • Can you give us an idea of common pitfalls you’ve seen when it comes to social media compliance? (5:44)
  • What are items an individual poster should be conscious of from their organization’s viewpoint? (11:28)
  • Why should companies monitor their social media presence? (13:25)
  • What industry social media horror stories come to top of mind? (16:29) 
  • What’s one of the biggest surprises regarding social media that you’ve seen or heard in the last few months, and why? (19:34)

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Melissa Thomas, Head of Compliance at ActiveComply

Melissa Thomas is Head of Compliance at ActiveComply, a cloud-based software that allows lenders to monitor employee social media for compliance and brand protection. Melissa actively works with lender partners to develop and execute social media policies and procedures to fit their needs. Melissa has acted as a social media compliance panelist for The Mortgage Collaborative, HousingWire, and other financial industry publications. Melissa has acted as a compliance data analyst for a top 20 independent mortgage company, where she worked directly with regulatory and state examiners, compiled and analyzed fair lending and call report data, and performed extensive legal research.

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