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Tech-savvy millennials: Reshaping the road to homeownership

Adapting to the digital homebuying preferences of millennials

The current real estate landscape presents a host of challenges for millennial homebuyers: fierce competition, skyrocketing costs and limited inventory. While many have delayed homeownership compared to previous generations, this tech-savvy cohort is slowly but surely making its mark on the housing market. As digital natives who grew up surrounded by technology, millennials rely heavily on online resources and social media throughout their path to homeownership.

Although their homebuying journey may have been postponed, their unique preferences are reshaping the homebuying experience as more enter the market.

Download our infographic to gain valuable insights to better serve this generation.


To effectively engage with millennial homebuyers, loan officers must embrace digital tools and platforms. Here are some actionable tips:

1. Leverage social media

With 75% of millennials considering social media essential to their daily lives, maintaining an active presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is crucial. Share educational content, homebuying tips and success stories to build trust and establish your expertise. Give these social shareables a try.

2. Prioritize mobile-friendly experiences

Ensure your website and digital resources are optimized for mobile devices, as millennials heavily rely on smartphones for research and communication.

3. Offer digital document management

Streamline the process by providing secure eSign capabilities and digital document sharing, which align with millennials' preferences for convenience and efficiency.

4. Embrace video content

Millennials are highly receptive to video formats. Consider making educational videos or hosting live Q&A sessions to engage this visual generation.

5. Provide easy access to information

Many millennials are first-time homebuyers and may not be familiar with the intricacies of the mortgage process. Clearly communicate mortgage terms, fees and requirements through online resources and digital platforms to provide easy access to information. Guide them with these resources.

By understanding and adapting to the digital preferences of millennial homebuyers, you can position yourself as their trusted advisor. Download our infographic today and gain valuable insights to better serve this tech-savvy generation.

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Millennial homebuyer infographic