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Be their guide: Offer this handy homebuyer map with links to helpful resources

Your Road Home | interactive infographic

The homebuying journey can be challenging and confusing with many potential roadblocks along the way. Following a step-by-step route will help your homebuyers see the milestones ahead and stay the course to their ultimate destination -- the home of their dreams.

Download and share this interactive infographic with prospective buyers and your referral partners. Click on the green “GO” button on each milestone to discover more info and resources!

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Remind them to fuel up first!

Before your prospective borrowers hit the road, they can fuel up to be better prepared and avoid unexpected bumps along the road. Use these 3 resources to help prepare them for the exciting journey ahead: 

  1. Here are some tips to help them master the credit score fundamentals. Show me the guide
  2. A handy calculator helps them explore what down payment level is best. Try the calculator
  3. The mortgage process can be daunting, but understanding the terms can help borrowers prepare for the journey. Demystify the process

Your would-be borrowers will find our interactive roadmap and its milestone resources invaluable as they prepare for their homebuying journey. Share it with your prospective customers to show them you're there to help them navigate that journey!