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Rate Finder

Quick to complete, quote, compare and share, our Rate Finder provides comprehensive rate quotes with as few as 3 pieces of data. You can also order MGIC mortgage insurance from it.

See additional information and instructions below.

Entry Page


To expedite your rate quote, our Rate Finder prefills certain fields with frequently used loan characteristics.

  • Change any fields, as necessary
  • Enter credit score, loan amount and ZIP Code
  • Click Get Quote

To compare up to 4 prices for different rate programs, in the Premium Plan Options section of the form, click Compare to Another Program.

  • Select new options for the Premium Paid By, Premium Type, Refund and Renewal fields
  • Click Get Quote

Results Page


  • Click Open Quote to open an individual rate quote
  • Click Open Comparison if you requested multiple quotes, and you want to see the data used to obtain the quotes
  • Click E-mail Quote and enter an e-mail address in the "To" field to send the quote to yourself or a colleague
  • Rate Finder will send you an email with a subject line of "MGIC Rate Quote"
  • If you fill in the "From" option, the e-mail will indicate that the recipient should "Respond to the address entered in the From field"
  • Click Order MI to login to Loan Center and submit an MI application
  • Click Modify Quote to return to the entry page with the data you just submitted, retained
  • Click New Quote to clear the form and start over


  • If the data you used to obtain the rate quote changes, the premium rate is subject to change
  • Your comprehensive quote includes applicable state premium taxes and assessments
  • Your premium rate quote is valid for 60 days from the date Rate Finder issues it
  • Premium tax quotes are subject to change
  • Provide the Rate Quote ID in the loan file to ensure you receive the rate quoted
  • Rate Finder bases rate quotes on current premium programs
  • Rate Finder provides eligibility notes based on our current Underwriting Requirements
  • Underwriting Requirements are subject to change
  • Underwriting Requirements in effect at the time of application apply