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MGIC seeks to promote diverse, accessible and affordable homeownership. We invite you to become a part of the conversation and join us in our pursuit to make sustainable homeownership possible for more people.

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Like many across the mortgage industry, MGIC is participating in the national affordable housing and homeownership dialogue. Browse our recent blog posts and podcast episodes touching on affordability topics below.

ARCs Checklist

Addressing the racial equity gap in homeownership through the ARCS framework

The focus of a racial equity initiative should be to close the gap in homeownership rates between white and minority households. There are 4 key areas that any plan should address: Awareness, Readiness, Community and Solutions. Download our ARCS framework checklist for questions to consider in each key area, then read our 5-part blog series for a deeper dive.

Download the ARCS framework checklist

Read the 5-part ARCS blog series

Read our 5-part Affordable Homeownership series

Take a deeper dive into the 4 ARCS areas – Awareness, Readiness, Community and Solutions – in this series of articles by leaders involved in MGIC’s initiatives around affordable lending and homeownership.

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    Part 1: Asking the right questions

    In the first part of our 5-part series, Geoff Cooper outlines the ARCS framework.

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    Part 2: Awareness

    In part 2 of our 5-part series, Vance Edwards focuses on the importance of building awareness among mortgage ready Americans.

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    Part 3: Readiness

    In part 3 of our 5-part series, Danny García-Vélez focuses on how early financial education can help more people achieve homeownership.

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    Part 4: Community

    In part 4 of our 5-part series, Geoff Cooper discusses how collective action among community stakeholders can address barriers to homeownership.

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    Part 5: Solutions

    In part 5 of our 5-part Affordable Homeownership series, Kevin Hearden and Jenny Steffens explore product and program considerations.

MGIC and Special Purpose Credit Programs

Special Purpose Credit Programs: A tool for addressing racial equity in homeownership

MGIC’s Geoff Cooper explores how SPCPs work to close the homeownership and wealth gaps between minority and white households by focusing on sustainable, long-term, financially accretive homeownership.

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Education is key to boosting Black homeownership rates in America today

On this episode of Mortgage Connects, Lenny McNeill, Executive Vice President of U.S. Bank Home Mortgage, explains how educational initiatives and knowledge of the homebuying process can boost homeownership rates and strengthen communities that have an ethnically diverse footprint.

Our Affordable Housing Strategy

MGIC’s Affordable Housing Strategy is to advance the values of diversity, equity and inclusion and take the lead in engaging and collaborating with industry stakeholders toward the following outcomes:

  • Increase the number of families prepared and ready to own a home
  • Expand sustainable homeownership opportunities for creditworthy homebuyers
  • Close the racial/ethnic gaps in homeownership 

In pursuit of this strategy, we’re focusing on how we can make a difference through policy, partnerships, research and products.

MGIC has taken the pledge! Have you?

Mortgage Bankers Association Home For All logo

The Mortgage Bankers Association's Home for All Pledge represents the industry's long-term commitment to address racial inequities in housing through advocacy, partnerships and action.

We are proud to have signed the pledge and encourage all organizations in the housing industry to do the same. 

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Download the ARCS framework checklist

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