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the fundamentals of the mortgage process

Strengthen your real estate agent partnerships and generate leads with our Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process training workshop.

The Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process program can help you build and strengthen relationships with your real estate referral partners by presenting them tools and information that will prove valuable in their daily work.

The program is based on 5 modules that cover the entire mortgage process. Use each module as a topic for a training session with real estate agents, to nurture relationships over time.

As you guide agents to a better understanding of the mortgage process, you will also be building partnerships with a strong return value: Their customers can become your customers.

The Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process program materials

We provide program materials at no cost to you.

Participant materials include:

  • Presentation overview
  • 5 modules:
    • Book 1: Understanding the Mortgage Cycle
    • Book 2: Taking the Loan Application
    • Book 3: Processing the Loan
    • Book 4: Evaluating Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral
    • Book 5: Understanding How MI Works

Trainer materials include:

  • Loan officer facilitator guide for real estate agents
  • A PowerPoint presentation with facilitator notes

For more information, contact your MGIC representative.

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