Lender Landscape uncovers eye-opening data and analytics

Lender Landscape® customers get proof of exactly how their institution is performing, and how it compares to their peers in the mortgage lending industry. The data is generated by our proprietary Lender Landscape suite of web-based tools that provide benchmarking against your peers on key metrics.

Your dedicated consultants ensure you experience the full value of Lender Landscape and advise you of the best ways to leverage our market intelligence into actionable solutions to grow your purchase volume, retain customers or reduce risk.

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Prepayment Model

The Lender Landscape platform includes a proprietary prepayment model. Our data scientist draws on historical data from large lenders to help you identify customers with the highest prepayment propensity.

  • Isolates customers most likely to refinance, purchase a new home or consolidate debt
  • Works in both high- and low-interest rate environments

Actions to consider

Proactively solicit these identified customers with targeted marketing messages to significantly increase the likelihood that they come back to you for their next transaction.

Dig deeper with additional tools

For lenders who require specific intel beyond the scope of the Lender Landscape platform, we also provide additional advanced tools.

Key performance indicators

Your assigned Lender Landscape team dives into your institution’s mortgage portfolio and benchmarks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against other participating peers. These metrics provide you with the ability to:

  • Validate where your institution underperforms and where it excels
  • Identify customer segments with low recapture and high prepayment speeds
  • Discover loan officer performance gaps and highlight successes
  • Manage risk by identifying outliers in credit, DTI, LTV, etc.

Your Analytic Consultant conducts monthly KPI calls with you to discuss the metrics, why trends are occurring and successful strategies to maximize performance. They also work with you to provide customized metrics that provide like comparisons with other members of the peer group.

Actions to consider

We all know that markets change, but expectations aren’t always adjusted accordingly. Use Lender Landscape’s Key Performance Indicators to validate customer recapture rates and influence goal setting.


Scorecards are a Lender Landscape tool that enable you to monitor sales and fulfillment performance. They isolate the Distributed Retail, Consumer Direct and TPO channels, and provide perspectives for the enterprise, sales manager, loan officer and account manager.

With Scorecards, you can:

  • Optimize sales efficiency and origination strategy
  • Achieve greater transparency through benchmarking
  • Enhance channel performance
  • Better manage TPO counter-party risk

Actions to consider

Utilize benchmarking for applications per loan officer to justify swings in volume against industry trends. Potentially alter sales behavior based on results and consider opportunities for talent development.

Lost Loan Analysis

The Lost Loan Analysis Dashboard analyzes customers NOT recaptured (a.k.a. lost customers) and pipeline fallout. Additional data resources are then used to determine:

  • Whether your lost customer obtained a new mortgage
  • Characteristics of the new loan (if applicable), i.e., the lender who “stole” your customer, as well as the loan purpose, type, term, etc.
  • The information is then compiled and incorporated into interactive dashboards to help you understand why you’re losing valuable customers

Actions to consider

Determine if a competitor is offering something you don’t; re-think your existing product mix to be more competitive; drill down to the loan officer level to leverage specific lost customer details into coaching opportunities.

Subscription to Lender Landscape is a prerequisite to Lost Loan Analysis.

Listing Landscape

Listing Landscape is a powerful tool used to gain market intelligence that is critical to your purchase money strategy.

  • Uncovers top real estate agents and brokerages by region, state, core-based statistical area (CBSA), city or census tract
  • Displays the number of listings, average asking price, select market share & more
  • Identifies agents working in Affordable Lending/CRA census tracts
  • Determines which lenders are being used by specific brokerages and agents
  • Identifies competing lenders by market or loan product

Actions to consider

Prospect top real estate agents and establish relationships; offer assurances of open communication and timely closings; propose relevant offerings, e.g., down payment assistance programs.

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