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Having data is just the start. What you do with it is what really matters. Having the right marketing strategies in place – based on the data – is crucial for growing volume and retaining customers. Given our bird’s-eye view, we know what’s worked well for other mortgage lenders. Our team can:

  • Provide targeted solutions that leverage high-quality leads
  • Manage turnkey marketing campaigns
  • Create customized collateral and targeted mail execution (optional)
  • Conduct campaign performance analyses

Our marketing solution can be used in conjunction with our Lender Landscape data and analytics tools, or as a standalone offering.

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Homes for Sale

This marketing program focuses specifically on purchase money opportunity by identifying your customers and prospects who have listed their home for sale. Our Homes for Sale tool works for all customer types (servicing portfolio, depository, past customers and prospects in geographical target areas), and helps you to:

  • Proactively solicit customers, real estate agents and prospects
  • Obtain daily listing leads capturing 95% of nationwide listing activity
  • Match to customer/member lists of all kinds
  • Enhance real estate agent relationships
  • Capitalize on Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) opportunities

Your assigned consultant team will provide guidance on marketing strategy and effective ways to turn these leads into purchase volume.

Actions to consider

Market directly to customers selling their homes with targeted messages to recapture their business and drive new originations on their next house. Enhance real estate agent relationships by assisting them in selling their listings through pre-approvals and open house targeting that helps your customer and the agent.

Retention marketing

Our direct marketing program targets customers who align with your retention strategies. Using 3 different data sources, we identify customers who are prime prepayment candidates so you can proactively engage them through marketing:

  • Uncover opportunity within your servicing portfolio through surgical targeting
  • Deepen relationships with non-mortgage customers using supplemental intelligence
  • Formulate targeted messaging to increase response likelihood
  • Leverage MGIC expertise for best-in-class practices and overall campaign management

Your assigned consultant team will provide guidance on marketing strategy and effective ways to maximize these leads.

Actions to consider

Expand mortgage capture of non-mortgage depository customers using marketing intelligence and proactive outreach. We provide detailed campaign performance analytics to measure ROI and illustrate success.

Campaign execution

We make direct mail campaigns easy for you. Rather than you having to increase your workload or search for additional resources, we can fully execute a strategic marketing campaign for you. If you choose this convenient option, we will provide the following services:

  • Collateral creation and consultation – leverage our vast marketing experience in developing successful content and messaging
  • Mailing and emailing directly to your customers on your behalf
  • Organized campaign management efforts to ensure drops occur as scheduled

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