MGIC Master Policy #71-7135 covers loans whose insurance application we received Sept. 30, 2014, and before.

Access the policy here and the individual endorsements and notices below.

To determine whether you insured a loan under our MIC Master Policy #70-91001 during this time period, check the loan’s Commitment/Certificate.


Jurisdiction Form # Document
AL, AZ, IA, IL, KS, OH, TX, VA, WI, WY 71-7141 Subrogation


Definition of Insured – Alaska, Missouri

All 71-7139 (02/04) Master Reporting Program – 02/04
All 71-7139 (08/94)

Master Reporting Program – 08/94

All 71-70007 Incontestability
All 71-70110 Loans with Premium Amount Included in the Loan’s Principal Amount
All 71-70226

Payment for Services Rendered

All 71-70262 Origination of Loans
All but AK, MO, PR 71-70284 Definition of Insured
All but NH, WI 71-70008 Deferred Initial Premium
All but PR 71-7140 Cooperative Properties
All but PR 71-7184 Additional Approved Collateral
All but VA, PR


Gold Cert
GA, KS, KY, OK, WV 71-7144 Deleting Arbitration
IL 71-7158 Cancellation of Policy – Illinois
IL, WI 71-70261

Eligibility Criteria – Illinois, Wisconsin

KS, MD, MT 71-7156 Cancellation


71-7160 Remedies for Misrepresentation, Cancellation of Policy – Minnesota
MO 71-70326 Suits and Actions



Deferred Initial Premium – New Hampshire, Wisconsin

NY 71-7138 Subrogation – New York
OK 71-7149 Fraud Warning – Oklahoma
PR 71-70244 Master Reporting Program – Puerto Rico
PR 71-70296 Definition of Insured – Puerto Rico
PR 71-70337 Gold Cert – Puerto Rico
TX 71-7151 Addendum – Texas
TX 71-7157 Amendatory – Texas
VA 71-7155 Amendatory – Virginia
VA 71-70338 Gold Cert – VA
WI 71-7145 Amendatory – Wisconsin


Jurisdiction Form # Document
AR 71-9837 Notice – Arkansas
AR 71-20796 Notice – Arkansas
GA 71-20601 Notice – Georgia
IN 71-5794 Notice – Indiana
MN 71-7091 Notice – Minnesota Insolvency Rights
NY 71-70334 Notice – New York AM
TX 71-20456 Notice – Texas
VA 71-9670 Notice – Virginia
WI 71-20015 Notice – Wisconsin

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