More options. More sales opportunities.

Present creative MI solutions to real estate agents and referral partners

Use our PowerPoint slide deck, “More options. More sales opportunities.”, with your referral partners to show them how they can offer their homebuyers more options to close more deals. Download our presentation guide for tips and discussion notes for each slide.

Note: We provide presentations as PDFs for ease of use. To present a PDF, simply open the file, then select “full screen” or “slideshow” from the View menu. Use the arrow keys to advance slides. You can find presenter notes for each slide in the facilitator guide. If you would like a PowerPoint file instead, contact your MGIC representative.

Download slides

Download presentation guide

3 ways private MI can help real estate pros solve for common obstacles and sell more homes

Set yourself up as the go-to loan officer resource

Show real estate agents how MI can help: 

  • Expand their buyers’ house-hunting options
  • Overcome a low appraisal
  • Show buyers the benefits of fixer-uppers

Download the “3 ways private MI can help real estate pros solve for common obstacles and sell more homes” flyer and share with your referral partners. For a customizable option to brand with your contact information, reach out to your MGIC account representative.

Download flyer

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