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Renovation Pro

Help them turn passable into perfect with Renovation Pro.

With Renovation Pro, help your borrowers purchase and renovate with one loan and one close:

  • Loan amounts up to $1.5 million
  • LTV up to 97%
  • May include expenses such as architectural and engineering fees, permit fees and contingency reserve

Renovation Pro can help new borrowers:

  • Finance a fixer-upper with a loan covering the cost of the house plus the funds they need to transform it into the home of their dreams
  • Simplify their financing with one loan and one closing
  • Expand purchase options to include older stock in need of repairs

Renovation Pro can help existing homeowners:

  • Refinance to cover the cost of renovation expenses
  • Stay in a cherished home rather than moving by renovating to meet their changing needs



Product Description

Co-brandable renovation infographic - Use this infographic with real estate agents to highlight the size of the opportunity in the renovation market. 

Microsoft Word is required to edit this flyer. Click on the link. When it opens, you'll see areas where you can insert a photo or logo and type your contact info. Save the flyer to your desktop or folder. Customize the flyer. Then save as PDF so that you can print or email.

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