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Readynest: a website for homebuyers

With Lab-tested, Millennial-approved tools and tips for homebuyers, Readynest can help you turn renters into homebuyers

Readynest helps homebuyers spread their wings

Readynest.com is our online resource for homebuyers in all stages of the process. Readynest breaks down the homebuying process in plain English – and Spanish – and backs up the facts with true stories that bring it all to life. It’s packed with tips, tools and information, including:

  • An overview of the key steps to buying a house, broken into bite-size topics
  • Our no-fee Homebuyer Education Test
  • Calculator
  • Checklists and planners
  • Engaging stories, infographics and videos
  • An easy-to-understand glossary

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Other ways to leverage Readynest

  • Help borrowers fulfill education requirements with our no-fee program at readynest.com/test. (Please note, while our program meets Freddie Mac Home Possible® homebuyer education requirements, it doesn’t meet Fannie Mae HomeReady® requirements)
  • Generate leads with your unique Homebuyer Education Code – borrowers can use it to register for the Homebuyers Education Test. Learn how to get your code here
  • Use Readynest’s calculator, checklists and other tools to help your borrowers understand what they can afford and how to save. See readynest.com/resources

Brandable marketing flyers

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Readynest overview flyerReadynest 10 things to avoid before closingReadynest 5 fast facts budget

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