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resolution solutions: originations

Already tired of your resolutions? Start here to get recharged so you can keep your originations going strong in 2021.


What's your resolution this year? If you've resolved to do everything you can to get energized and keep your originations going strong, start here with these tools and strategies.

2020 was an unprecedented time: Economically turbulent with the onset of COVID-19, yet mortgage loan originations were robust all year long. With refinance loans expected to level off in 2021, how do you plan to keep your volume going strong?

We can help — no matter what curveballs life throws your way this year.

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Contact your MGIC account representative to discuss all the ways we can help you meet your goals this year!

Down Payment Assistance (DPA) tools

Be the expert who connects borrowers to programs that can help them get over the down payment hurdle. Down payment assistance (DPA) tools can help you reach more borrowers and connect them to the funds that will get them to closing. Generate leads with a borrower look-up tool, browse programs and more with Down Payment Connect.

Learn more about Down Payment Connect

First-time homebuyer tools

Turn more renters into homebuyers with these tools from MGIC (in English or Spanish!)

  • Readynest.com breaks down the homebuying process into bite-size topics, and backs up the facts with true stories that bring it all to life
  • Our Homebuyer Education Test can help your borrowers fulfill homebuyer education requirements and become better borrowers
  • Our consumer calculators can help your borrowers crunch the numbers to see how buying a home can be affordable

Check out our FTHB tools

Hispanic marketing tools

MGIC can help you reach more Hispanic homebuyers with our marketing tools and insights.

  • Understand the opportunity of Hispanic buying power
  • Be more inclusive in your marketing efforts with tips for reaching Hispanic homebuyers
  • Develop your Hispanic cultural competency
  • Provide Spanish-language materials and tools

Access our Hispanic marketing tools

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