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Already tired of your resolutions? Start here to get recharged so you can keep growing your referral partner network all year long.

What's your resolution this year? If you've resolved to do everything you can to get energized and grow your referral partner network, our tools and strategies can help!

We can show you how good networking and industry expertise can help you strengthen your referral partner network by developing deeper connections and uncovering endless opportunities.

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Contact your MGIC account representative to discuss all the ways we can help you meet your goals this year!

Loan Officer Hub

MGIC's Loan Officer Hub website is an all-inclusive resource for top loan officers. Discover LO referral strategies that can help you connect and build relationships with your real estate and builder referral partners. Our collection of hand-picked referral strategy blog content is designed to shed light and share insights on the opportunities that exist for loan officers in the mortgage industry.

Check out referral strategies on LO Hub

Host your own workshop: Success Begins with a Plan

Designed for loan officers to present to real estate agents. Get more face time and make stronger connections with your busy referral partners! Show them how to build their brand with the perfect elevator pitch; how to define and target their preferred market; and then track and refine their plan to keep what works and toss what doesn't. Guaranteed to be the most stimulating event of their week (and yours!).

Learn how to host your own workshop

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