As a loan officer, or mortgage professional, developing and nurturing relationships are critical to growing your business. Social media is one of the most effective channels to connect with target audiences, build your brand and stay connected to mortgage industry trends.

Why it’s important to invest in social media marketing

  • 93% of consumers expect companies to have a social media presence. (Source:
  • People spend an average of 5 hours 50 minutes daily on digital media (Source:
  • 78% of salespeople who market on social media outsell their peers (Source: NMP)

Social Media Cafe will help you lead the way

Whether you are looking to get started with social media or you are a seasoned expert, Social Media Cafe is designed to provide you with tools and content to help you create and sustain a social media marketing program. Explore social media marketing. Use Social Media Cafe to figure out where to start and how to maximize your business opportunity. Learn to set up and post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, plus tips on sourcing relevant content to engage your referral partners and customers.

Ready to enhance your social media marketing? Tap into the resources to learn how to use your platforms to achieve specific business goals, like lead generation, nurturing and closing. Look to the Social Media Cafe for strategies on how to use each platform to grow your business and referral funnel.

Next, expand your social media use and focus on measurement and automation. Discover how to integrate paid social media strategies, content management tools, KPIs and expand into additional platforms like Snapchat.

Social media is one of the most valuable touch points you have with your customers and prospects. Develop your own social media marketing plan with the resources of the MGIC Social Media Cafe. Complete this form to learn more!
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