Expanding Access to Homeownership – Presented by Fannie Mae

60 minutes

Categories: Origination | Special Event

Join us for a panel discussion on mortgage industry efforts to expand access to homeownership – specifically, Fannie Mae’s Positive Rent Payment History feature, which developed to help increase homeownership opportunities for borrowers. This feature makes it easier for lenders using Desktop Underwriter® to consider a borrower’s positive rent payment history when qualifying them for a mortgage loan. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the feature and its implications for lenders and borrowers.  

Upcoming Sessions:

Krissy Hefton

Krissy Hefton

Customer Management Solutions - Customer and Partner Management - Senior Associate

Fannie Mae

Christy Moss

Christy Moss, CMB

Head of Sales and Marketing


Chrissi Rhea

Chrissi Rhea


Mortgage Investors Group

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