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Generate leads with homebuyer education

We offer online homebuyer and landlord education to help you build better borrowers while you build relationships with them. We provide homebuyer education at no charge to you or your customers.

How to begin generating leads

STEP 1: Register your email address as your unique Homebuyer Education code.

STEP 2: Customize these instruction sheets with your email address and share them with potential homebuyers whose lender or Housing Finance Agency loan program allows MGIC Homebuyer Education or who are looking for general information about the home-buying process:

PLEASE NOTE: Our homebuyer program does fulfill education requirements for Freddie Mac Home Possible®, but does not fulfill requirements for Fannie Mae HomeReady®. Our landlord program also fulfills Freddie Mac’s education requirements. Fannie Mae does not require landlord education on 2- to 4-unit HomeReady loans.

STEP 3: Direct customers to readynest.com/test, where they’ll find instructions on how to use Readynest to study for MGIC’s Homebuyer Education Test. Readynest breaks the homebuying process down into easy-to-digest pieces, from the importance of credit to closing your loan to being a successful homeowner. Spanish speakers can click “En Español” to study for and take the test in Spanish.

When your customers are ready to take the test, they register using your Homebuyer Education code. After they complete the test, you and your borrowers will receive an email notification from homebuyers@mgic.com with the borrower's contact information and their Certificate of Achievement. REMINDER: Both our homebuyer and landlord certificates meet requirements for Freddie Mac’s Home Possible program. Our homebuyer certificate does not fulfill Fannie Mae’s HomeReady program requirements. Fannie Mae does not require landlord education on 2- to 4-unit HomeReady loans.


Register for your unique Homebuyer Education Code

The email address you enter will become your Homebuyer Education code.


  • You only need to register once
  • The email address you register must be unique to you
  • For activation questions, contact customer_service@mgic.com or 1-800-424-6442
  • Your email address will become active as a Homebuyer Education code as soon as you submit your registration.
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