Getting "Reel" with Social Media

60 minutes

Categories: Social media | Featured Speaker

Join Deborah Byrd to learn the psychology behind why what used to work no longer does – and how to shift your strategy. As the founder and CEO of Plug and Play SM, Deborah specializes in social media strategy and execution in the mortgage and real estate industries.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What is a brand vs. the power of a brand
  • How to create and optimize a social media strategy
  • How to use social media and NOT be used by it
  • Which daily activities to commit to
  • How to create a systematic process for social media creation and distribution

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Deborah Byrd

Founder & CEO – Plug and Play SM

Deborah Byrd is the CEO and Founder of Plug and Play SM, a social media marketing company that specializes in the mortgage and real estate space. Deborah is also a speaker and trainer who has partnered with 7x bestselling author Phil M. Jones of Exactly What to Say; as a Certified “Guide,” she hosts small mastermind events in effort to bridge the gap from when marketing creates an opportunity… to the sales professional now knowing “exactly what to say” to convert that opportunity.