Mastering the Power of Video

60 minutes

Categories: Video Skills | Sales Strategies | Skill-based

Who Should Attend:
Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Sales

Video is the only form of marketing that works for you whether you're physically working or not. It's your "work twin". It can get places you can't - and it costs nothing to use it. In this webinar, Coach Kyle Draper will discuss the 5 keys to video to unlock the potential that's already living inside of you.

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kyle draper

Kyle Draper, Founder of & Content Compounding

Kyle just does it differently. While most are zigging, he's zagging. Though known as a "social media expert," he's really more of a relationship expert and has discovered how to capitalize on loving people through social media to grow your business. He's helped real estate professionals and lenders sell hundreds of millions of dollars through his methods and strategies. You'll laugh (and maybe cry), but you'll definitely learn.
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