Self-Employed Borrowers – Focus on Income From Farming

45 minutes

Categories: Self-employed borrowers | Income | Skill-based

Not all farming income is calculated the same, and farmers do not always report their income on IRS Form 1040, Schedule F. Take 45 minutes to dig further into the mystery behind farming income and glean a better understanding of:

  • Which IRS forms are used to report farming income and what tools are needed to analyze this income
  • How to cash flow farming income from a Schedule F and a partnership return
  • When you can omit a mortgage tied to the farm
  • What to consider when the subject property is the farm

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Sandra Sweeney

Senior Customer Trainer and Training Program Designer

Sandra Sweeney

With over 35 years of experience, Sandra Sweeney is a mortgage industry veteran. She has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the various roles in the industry after having worked in operations, loan origination, underwriting, and management.

Now a senior customer trainer and program designer, she facilitates many of MGIC's national webinar courses. Sandra’s live and on-demand webinars focus on critical industry subjects such as the fundamentals of the mortgage process, how MI works, topics involving self-employed borrowers, how to review an appraisal, and more.

You can see Sandra in action throughout MGIC’s on-demand video series called Magic Minutes. These 15-minute tutorials help mortgage industry pros expand their knowledge on important topics like evaluating and calculating borrowers’ income.