Self-Employed Borrowers – Focus on Rental Income

60 minutes

Categories: Self-employed borrowers | Income | Skill-based

Not all rental income is calculated the same, and borrowers who own rental properties may not even be self-employed! Take 60 minutes and explore these different rental income situations:

  • Using rental income from a primary 2-4-unit residence
  • Calculating rental cash flow from tax returns (Schedule E) for investment properties owned personally
  • Building qualifying income when the borrower has business income from investment properties
  • Cash flow rental property using a lease and a vacancy factor
  • Additional considerations when subject property generates rental cash flow

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Sandra Sweeney

Senior Customer Trainer and Training Program Designer

Sandra Sweeney

With over 35 years of experience, Sandra Sweeney is a mortgage industry veteran. She has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the various roles in the industry after having worked in operations, loan origination, underwriting, and management.

Now a senior customer trainer and program designer, she facilitates many of MGIC's national webinar courses. Sandra’s live and on-demand webinars focus on critical industry subjects such as the fundamentals of the mortgage process, how MI works, topics involving self-employed borrowers, how to review an appraisal, and more.

You can see Sandra in action throughout MGIC’s on-demand video series called Magic Minutes. These 15-minute tutorials help mortgage industry pros expand their knowledge on important topics like evaluating and calculating borrowers’ income.