The Fight for Referrals – Two Completely Different Ways to WIN!

45 minutes

Categories: Sales strategies | Special Event

Sales professionals and business owners who depend on driving referral business to make their living all deal with the same age-old question: How can I earn more referral business from my clients? With different behavioral styles, varied levels of sales training, and an undying hope to build referral business it becomes difficult for us to discover our own way to master this important skill.

Sales educators, speakers and authors Matt Ward & Don Wilson have years of experience on this popular topic with completely opposing viewpoints on subject. The bottom line is that both ways have been proven to work. If you need more referral business, this fun and interactive presentation encourages you to craft your personal technique so you can leave the fear of wondering where your next referral will come from in the rear-view mirror! Let the fight for referrals… BEGIN!

Upcoming Sessions:

Don Wilson

Don Wilson

Marketing Director, Province Mortgage Associates

Sales Educator, Public Speaker, Business Coach, Prospecting Intelligence, LLC

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Word of Mouth Referral Speaker and Consultant, Breakthrough Champion

Host of Mass Business Podcast

Author of MORE...Word of Mouth Referrals, Lifelong Customers & Raving Fans (2018) and The High-Five Effect: How to Do Business With People Who Bring You Joy (2021)


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