What sets us apart, helps you stand out.

When you partner with us, you get much more than private mortgage insurance. You have access to innovative products, tools and strategies that give you a competitive edge.

Customers trust us to provide forward-thinking solutions to help them earn more leads, close more loans and fuel their growth. We call them Value Adds, our customers call them invaluable.

Lender tools & resources

Expand your market, increase your referral strategies and optimize your lending process with our vast library of resources.

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    MI Solutions

    Earn more deals by creating new opportunities and solving common obstacles for your borrowers with our MI strategies.

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    Self-employed borrower worksheets

    Editable, auto-calculating self-employed borrower and income analysis worksheets are suited for loan officers and mortgage pros.

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    More options. More sales opportunities.

    Create more value for referral partners with our program that helps real estate agents offer borrowers more options and save deals.

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    For Sale to Sold workshop

    Build your customer service, technical, sales or presentation skills by attending one of our free workshops – on-demand, in-person or online.

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    Portfolio Playbook™

    Our suite of mortgage product solutions helps you serve more borrowers while reducing your company’s exposure to credit risk.

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    Down Payment Connect

    Finding the right down payment program for buyers is fast and easy with DPC, a subscription-based look-up tool that matches borrowers to DPA.

Training & webinars

MGIC offers as vast an array of training opportunities to build your skillset. Our free workshops and special events provide insights for improving your customer service, presentation, sales and technical skills. 

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    In-person, online & recorded training

    Build your customer service, technical, sales or presentation skills by attending one of our free workshops--on-demand, in-person or online.

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    Magic Minutes

    Count on MGIC’s on-demand video series to expand your mortgage industry knowledge in 15 minutes or less.

Industry insights

Learn about market trends and discover key insights related to the mortgage, real estate and financial industries. This valuable information from thought leaders and experts helps you generate referrals and grow your business.

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    Loan Officer Hub

    Resources, strategies, tips and tools from experts across the mortgage industry to help you grow, learn and succeed.

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    MGIC Connects blog

    Experts share their insights on our blog, providing valuable content focused on mortgage finance, housing trends, referral strategies and more.

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    Mortgage Connects podcast

    Listen to candid interviews with top mortgage pros and thought leaders who share their mortgage industry expertise and insights.

Homebuyer resources

Prepare your borrowers for the homebuying process with our educational tools and resources. Our easy-to-digest content – in English and Spanish – helps borrowers understand the homebuying process.

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    By now vs wait calculator

    Show consumers why it might make financial sense to invest in a home now rather than wait to save a 20% down payment.

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    Borrower education at Readynest.com

    Consumers can find an overview of the homebuying process along with calculators, tools and inspirational stories.

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    Homebuyer seminar kit

    Help buyers understand the entire process by hosting a homebuyer seminar. Kit includes everything you need.

Marketing resources

Leverage these high-impact marketing strategies and tools to build awareness and trust with prospects and customers through content creation, digital marketing and social media.

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    Hispanic marketing

    Reach out to this fast-growing homebuying demographic with tools, training and marketing materials (available in English and Spanish).

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    Social Media Cafe

    Workshops, webinars, how-to guides and more help you strengthen your social media skills and digital marketing strategies.

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    Creative Cafe

    Market yourself to real estate agents, builders and consumers with our pre-made, co-brandable infographics and flyers that you can customize.

“I’ve used MGIC worksheets for years and think they’re fantastic. I haven’t found any other worksheets that are as functional or easy to use.”
“Some of the most informative, timely and easy to understand presentations that I have ever attended.”
“We absolutely see the value in marketing to Hispanic homebuyers, and receiving this information from a trusted partner like MGIC means so much more and really cements your organization within ours.”
Branch Manager
“My MGIC rep is always available to help my business. She is a part of the team, helping me create new strategies.”
Branch Manager

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