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Ordering mortgage insurance via fax

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You have the option of ordering mortgage insurance from us via fax.

Complete the appropriate editable MGIC mortgage insurance application and fax it along with your loan file to your MGIC Underwriting Service Center. You can also save these forms as a PDF for your records and upload them to the Loan Center.

MGIC MI App (All states except for NH) (11/12)
MGIC MI App (NH) (04/10)

Once you order mortgage insurance via fax, you can follow up on its progress on the Loan Center.

File submission

When you fax a file to MGIC for underwriting, include the following documents:

  • MGIC MI application
  • Fannie Mae 1003/Freddie Mac 65
  • Credit report
  • Verification of income, employment and assets
  • Appraisal
  • Sales contract
  • Miscellaneous documents, such as divorce decrees, gift letters, etc.

See the MGIC Underwriting Guide for complete documentation requirements for:

  • An MGIC MI Underwrite (UWG 1.05.02)
  • An MGIC MI Underwrite, Full-Doc Review (UWG 1.05.03)

Other fax options

You can also use your fax to: