First-time homebuyer resources for loan officers and borrowers

MGIC’s first-time homebuyer resource library is a collection of tools and information you can use to empower your borrowers. From financial readiness and credit to budgeting and the mortgage process, these resources are designed to help you educate and guide your borrowers through their homebuying journey. All are available in English and Spanish, ready to download, print and share.

Checklists & worksheets

Empower borrowers with checklists, tips and tools to find, afford and love a home of their own. Available in both English and Spanish. Download and share with your borrowers to help them understand financial readiness and the homebuying process.

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    Monthly budget worksheet

    Saving up for a down payment? Use this worksheet to track your expenses and create a budget you can live with.

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    Home comparison chart

    When the house hunt is on, use this chart to compare the features of up to 3 houses.

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    Home maintenance checklist

    Keep your new home in tip-top shape – consult this handy checklist for tips on what to look for.

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    9 pitfalls that can trip up your loan closing

    Check this list before making changes to your financial situation that could derail the closing process.

Get Ready! guides

This series of informative guides offer essential keys to successful homeownership. Download and share with your borrowers to help them navigate the homebuying process.

Mortgage insurance basics

Help borrowers understand mortgage insurance and its role in the homebuying process. Download and share with your borrowers.

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    The scoop on MI

    Mortgage insurance allows your borrowers to put less than 20% down on a house. This shareable outlines the basics.

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    How to cancel mortgage insurance

    A simple, shareble guide to explain when and how your borrowers can cancel mortgage insurance.

Readynest offers more tools and resources for your borrowers

Discover how you can use Readynest to share information about the homebuying journey – from house hunting and closing on a loan to maintaining a home. You'll receive email alerts every month with updates and tips for using Readynest to guide and educate your borrowers.

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    Tips, tools and stories for homebuyers.

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