Our WealthBuilder Pro™ product is an equity-accelerating machine that:

  • Allows 100% LTV loans with a term up to 20 years, enabling borrowers to repurpose proceeds from the down payment to further buy down the rate, enhancing the loan’s wealth-creating power
  • Features a combination of a shorter amortization term and an optional permanent buydown
  • Is perfect for borrowers with greater capacity to repay
  • Puts first-time homebuyers on a path to more rapid savings through paid-in home equity
  • Differentiates you in the market by offering a prudent, 100%-financing program

WealthBuilder Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Quickly build equity
  • Maintain purchasing power with a shorter-term loan
  • Maximize financial flexibility
  • Reduce their monthly payment as a result of earlier borrower-paid MI termination

Please note that you must be approved for this program.

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Portfolio Playbook™ and WealthBuilder Pro™ are MGIC trademarks.

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