Newly enhanced cash flow analysis worksheets for tax year 2022

Now available macro-free, MGIC's popular income analysis worksheets include:

  • All-in-one self-employed income calculator, including 4 worksheets to analyze your borrower's income
  • Employment and other income analysis calculator
  • Rental income analysis calculator

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Macro-free, ready to download and use

  •  mgic text card navy with purple

    All-in-one self-employed income calculator  

    Incorporates 4 worksheets, including SAM cash flow analysis, liquidity, comparative income analysis and P&L analysis. (September 2023)

  •  mgic text card magenta with red

    Employment & other income calculator 

    Designed to calculate salaried borrowers' monthly qualifying income and gross-up non-taxable income. (September 2023)

  • mgic text card green with navy

    Rental income analysis calculator  

    Cash flow income from a principal residence (2-4 Unit), investment property or business rental by review of tax returns or leases. (August 2023)

Additional resources

  • Navy blue block

    Infographic: 5 SEB business structures

    Get the business structures basics to help you calculate self-employed borrower income.

  • Self-employed borrower webinars

    SEB training webinars guide you through steps to evaluate and analyze income of a corporation, partnership, S corporation and more.

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Quickly refresh or expand your industry knowledge and skills with our new Magic Minutes training series, Evaluating & Calculating Borrowers’ Income. These on-demand, quick-hitting videos bring you essential knowledge in 15 minutes or less. 

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Retiring soon: Auto-calculating self-employed worksheets with macros

The cash flow analysis worksheets you've used in the past are available through Dec.31, 2023.

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*Although we believe the results of the worksheets to be accurate in general, they're not intended to meet any particular investor requirements and we don't warrant their accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability. Review any income/loss listed in the analysis to determine whether the source:

  • Is appropriate
  • Can be considered ongoing and consistent
  • Meets investor requirements

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