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On Mortgage Connects, we explore the minds and experiences of mortgage industry and lending innovators to bring our audience candid viewpoints on critical mortgage industry developments and influential insights about the unique challenges that lie ahead. Our hosts interview top mortgage professionals and thought leaders across the industry – from proven LOs to established CEOs – who have wide-ranging expertise to provide the best insights into market trends, best practices, marketing and referral strategies, training opportunities, and the future of the mortgage industry.

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Our listeners are mortgage professionals who want to gain valuable insights and inspiration from mortgage industry experts and the tips and strategies they reveal during each episode. We want to help our audience:
  • Feel empowered by providing actionable takeaways they can use to elevate their professional influence and take their business to the next level
  • Gain awareness of industry trends and best practices that will positively impact their everyday mortgage business decisions

Host: Stephanie Budnik

Mortgage Connects is hosted by Stephanie Budnik, who came to MGIC in 2015 with a background in teaching. Stephanie is a natural listener who’s passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and interested in what has led to others’ success.

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